Development & Prototyping

… nothing illustrates a technical context better than a functional model or prototype …


The technical potential of electronics and mechanics (mechatronics) as well as today's highly developed sensor technology (MEMS) are entering any industry. Solutions which were formerly reserved for high priced measurement equipment are available today in mass products for the consumer market.


Due to our experience we are in the position to design, develop and build functional models quickly and well-priced and we provide a flexibility which can only be achieved by a small team. Therefore it is not unusual that a lot of outstanding innovations of the past years came from small companies.


By means of a functional model one can identify correlations which can not be surveyed in theory. From recognized technical specialties many improvements are arising, but moreover: specific new findings come up which frequently evolve to true innovations!


The true innovation consists of invisble advantageous correlations between the features of a product.


In other words: the context which is not directly patented but described in a way that it is protected by the patent and can only be recognized by a specialist by diving down into the deepest depths of special functions ... this is what we name 'invisible protection' ...



  • help in design & filing of patents in a real practical manner
  • Innnovations-Management
  • Development of Electronics/Mechanics (Mechatronics)
  • Prototype manufacturing



Electronic Fragrance Atomizer

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